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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Opposition Leader of Bangladesh made fun with Hindu's religious belief

Khaleda Zia Godmother of Anti Hinduism in Bangladesh

Khaleda Zia has 'ridiculed' Hindu Goddess Durga by questioning the prime minister's religious belief, Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta has alleged. 

Suranjit on Wednesday said the remarks by the BNP chairperson were 'discourteous' and urged her to withdraw the remarks 

Khaleda told a public meeting in Sylhet on Tuesday, "Prime minister Sheikh Hasina told a Durga Puja function that our Maa Durga has arrived by elephant. Is Durga her mother? We want to know which religion she actually believes in." 

In response to the remarks, Suranjit told a discussion on Wednesday, "Khaleda Zia has hurt religious feelings of others by cracking a cheap joke about Mother Durga. It should be kept in mind that hostile behaviour towards someone's religion hurts everyone's feeling. We don't expect such remarks." 

Khaleda also distorted Hasina's speech given at a Durga Puja function at Ram Krishna Mission in Dhaka, he said and observed that the remarks of the former prime minister hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus in Bangladesh

About the opposition's road march programme, Suranjit said, "Khaleda Zia's resolve of not returning home before overthrowing the government is as good as the dream of a hunchback dreaming to walk upright." 

BNP staged a road march programme from Dhaka to Sylhet on Monday and held a public meeting on the following day. The BNP chairperson led the programme. 

Khaleda Zia also threatened the Hindus of Bangladesh to vote BNP or they will loose everything.

During the road march programme  that Anti Hindu monster also told in Narsingdi,Bangladesh ," This Govt believes in gods and goddesses. They have started Puja Rituals. " She also slated Hasina for the dropping the words 'Absolute Faith and Trust in Allah' from the constitution. 
BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has questioned about the religion of prime minister Sheikh Hasina. 

Begum Zia stated in the election campaigns of 1996 that Azan (call for Muslim prayer) would be replaced in Bangladesh by blowing of conchshells if Awami League came to power.

It was during the prime ministership of Begum Zia that around 3000 temples in Bangladesh were damaged, many women raped and properties of Hindus destroyed following the demolition of Babri mosque in India in December 1992.

And Before 2001 General Election She  paid a visit to the famous Dhakeshwari temple in Dhaka on Wednesday evening,June 7,2001 -- her maiden visit to a Hindu shrine--and urged the Hindus to extend all-out support to BNP in the coming poll.

Hindus in Bangladesh had till the other day had a very poor representation in government jobs, especially at the higher echelon. Before Awami League came to power 1996, not a single minority had occupied the post of secretary

After October 2001 the general election of Bangladesh Hindus were persecuted by BNP Jamat cadres. There was murder,rape and torture.

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  1. Bangladesi khaleda Zia ke against kucchh karna chahiye ! Hindu bhai log ! Jago re ! Ankh ki badla Ankh se lekar... dharti mein Hindutwa ki suchna ko aur bhi prosarit karna parega aane wale dino mein .