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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Islamic Terrorists from Kolkata are connected with Mumbai Blast?

By Somiksha C Mohanta

The city of “peace” Kolkata has reproved to be a peace-killer once again. The memory of 26/11 has not even been rotten and now again we are forced to face a fresh 13/7. 13/7 is a nice combination of two numbers, one unlucky and other lucky.
This is not just a coincidence of numerology but significantly it speaks a lot. The islamsts are lucky and even the most anti-hindu hindus too are unlucky.
This time again Kolkata and other eastern bases of the islamists have been proved to be the safest haven for the muslim culprits. During 26/11 communicational preparedness was carried out by Hussain Ur Rehman who was based at Metiabruz of Kolkata. He purchased 7 sim cards from tiljala, beniapukur and maheshtala of Kolkata under direction of Yahya Mujahid, chief of HUJI sleeper cell based at Dhaka. Now the same Beniapukur area has gave birth to another tyrant, Shaikh Abdulla. He hails from the Mafidur Islam Lane in the locality. He is the right hand of Amir Reza Khan, the don based on Karachi who looks after the missions conducted by Indian mujahideen from Pakistan. He has been promoted as its supremo. The Maharashtra ATS has asked details about two more operatives from Kolkata STF. Reportedly this man along with 14 terrorists had moved to Mumbai by train to carry out the strikes. To find these missing links the Mumbai crime branch has also asked the Kolkata STF the passenger lists for last 7 days prior to strike. The routes consists Kolkata to Mumbai and Kolkata to Kanpur. Its noteworthy that 2 indian mujahideens were arrested from Mumbai just before a couple of days of strike. The two men revealed the names of two suspected terrorists based in ranchi who are also attached to SIMI.
What we need to focus is that, we have been habitual to listen from all the surroundings that west Bengal is the only state where co existence with peace happens, after all muslims are never stricken but yes, irrelevant how  hindus are attacked. West Bengal based jihadists have been forefront when mission of allah is to be conducted. West Bengal is standing on the Semtex. There is peace because hindus have been forced by its governments not to retaliate against jihadi activities.
There are several places in Kolkata where afghan, pashtun, Pakistani comunals with no documents are openly cheering. Infact its not just limited to Kolkata, but to asansol too.
Dhanbad’s Waseypur is called “mini Pakistan”. Asansol locates several places whose demography is rapidly observing drastical changes. I can shortlist a few, where illegal Pakistani and afghan infiltrators live freely and only an investigation can easily figure out their deadly missions.
1>     Hutton road, behind Delhi Hotel and opposite to Maharaja Hotel. It has been safe havens for the pashtuns.
2>     Okay road, towards dhadka. Jahangir  muhalla.
3>     Entire quraishi or qasai muhalla.
4>     Jahangir muhalla. This area bears the most glittering sign of Pakistan.

There is a drastic demographic imbalance found here. In 1991 it was populated by 800 hindu houses and 2000 muslim houses and now in 2011 it has less than 80 hindu houses and more than 10000 muslim houses.
The migration of hindus have been caused by severe abduction of hindu women, regular killing of hindu males. The concerned police stations record several unsolved cases which number even upto century.
Its quite true that the TMC brand change is positive towards muslims and negative towards hindus. And now again the culprits are only expected to go scot free. No action against the jihadists will be taken in TMC regime too strangely on the line of CPM. What else made Kolkata STF ACP Soumen Mitra to maintain silence and deny to answer the media questionairs when Mumbai police was speaking free? Is it the political pressure? Is it that the police and TMC will go on some deal to go soft on the jihadists? That the police never wanted to come the deeds by those beniapukur muslims out of pandora’s box? That the public never know what sins they have done? That the public be made fool that those jihadists were “innocent muslims”?
Courtesy: hinduexistence
Governments change, but some questions, some strategies, some tendencies, some treacheries and some tyrannies never CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

Hindurevolution Adds:
It is well known Muslims from West Bengal are becoming extrimists day by day. With the help of Bangladeshi Infiltrators and ISI they are dreming about Dar-UL-Islam. Bangladesh is a country filled with hardcore islamist fanatics. Even the so called secular Awami League is reluctant to hang Islam as a state religion of Bangladesh. ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION
Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh had wing in Malda,West Bengal. It is clear Muslims of West Bengal do not have any loyality towards India as Islam does not believe in Nationalism.  Abdur Rahim alias Shahadat who played a key role in strengthening the banned Islamist militant outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh - in bordering districts of India's West Bengal state was arrested by Bangladeshi Police.
He operated for two-and-a-half-years in Murshidabad, Nadia and Malda districts of West Bengal on the instructions of JMB chief Shaikh Abdur Rahman and his deputy, Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai.

Rahman and Bangla Bhai, who operated in Bangladesh's Rajshahi district, were executed in 2007 following their conviction for killing two judges.

Police nabbed Shahadat Wednesday who on return from India had emerged as the chief organiser of 'Islam and Muslim', a new offshoot of the JMB that is banned in Bangladesh.

The intelligence officials along with the police also arrested Sajedur Rahman alias Hanif, a regional commander of the new organisation that has plans to 'dominate' a large area on Bangladesh'w western flank bordering India, covering Chapainawabganj, Rajshahi and Naogaon.

The intelligence officials also seized arms and ammunition and some books on Jihad during their drive.

riots clearly indicates the unity of hindus in West Bengal- they are posting on facebook pages and muslims are posting on their cheeks. how can they be united when there is no political patronage and when they have voted cpi/congress/mamata so long? And still they are sleeping. but situation is mostly out of their control now and they can't change the situation suddenly. they are not a strong majority anymore. The development of the current situation is same as recursion in computer science, or chain reaction in chemistry.

Same case happened on 
17th December, 2010 at Biki Hakola Village, Police Station - Pachla, District – Howrah, in West Bengal, India.

The mob of the Muharram procession attacked a Hanuman temple located near Koley Para Primary School, 15 bombs were exploded on or near the HANUMAN temple by the fanatic attackers and as a result the temple was totally destroyed .

At least 10 HINDU shops were ransacked and looted, some of the shops are as follows:-

1) Gora Shau :- Sweet and Fried Food shop.

2) Kashi Pachal :- Vegetable Shop.

3) Nemai Nath :- Tea Stall.

4) Raghunath Karmakar :- Medicine Shop.

5) Rajkumar Polle :- Embroidery Raw Material Shop. The shutter of this shop was broken and the terrorists looted this shop which was consisting materials worth tens of thousands of rupees.

Apart from the above mentioned shops there were at least five more shops which were ransacked and looted.

The shops mentioned above have been bombed by the terrorists.

All of these incidents took place between 4:30 to 5:00 PM in front of the Police Force who were standing still and helpless and did not even dare to attempt to stop these activists.

Also, several Hindu homes were broken as well. It is alleged by local Hindus that Panchla police station 2nd officer, Najurul Islam, was present at that time and the vandalism occurred with his covert sanction. Also, we received information that ex Congress MLA and TMC leader Sheikh Gulshan Malik was also involved in the planned attacks against the Hindus.

A communal incident started by the terrorists took place on 9th November 2010 for which 18 Hindu men of the area were falsely framed and fake cases were imposed upon these completely innocent Hindus. Following this incident, the local Hindu leaders belonging to various political parties advised the Hindus not to come out of their homes during the Muharram procession. Accordingly the Hindus stayed indoors today (Muharram day Dec 17, 2010) at the time of Muharram processions and the terrorists took complete advantage of the situation and carried on one sided atrocity on Hindus and Hindu properties.

The incident of 9th Nov 2010 is really brutal and the facts will be placed on this blog shortly.

The Hindus of the area are very perplexed and confused and don’t know what to do and at this stage there is no one in the locale to provide support and lead the Hindus.

Previously there had been many instances of terrorist atrocities in the Pachla area for example two years back : All the Hindu Shops (54 shops) of the Pachla Bajar were ransacked and looted and on all the occasion and the Police stood and watched like mere helpless spectators. 

We have previously demonstrated Hate of an Muslim from Kolkata(Source) who openly declares they will rape hindu women when they will come to power with the help of congress.
We have demonstrated how muslims from Kolkata prayed for their great terrorist hero Osama Bin Laden.

We know the politics of moghulistan,the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India. This Mughalistan corridor will comprise Muslim-majority areas of Northern India and eastern India that will be partitioned for the second time in history.

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What Is Indian Mujahideen? 

It is the very own Muslims living in our country. They Eat our food, Show outside their love for the country but in their filthy hearts they hide venom for India.
These are the culprits who create nuisance and are involved in terrorist activities.
Finally my friend Satya listed
1) India Muslims are so patriot that they are worried about Laden’s (who has declared jihad against India) burial given by American Government so much so that the Muslim Newspaper of India criticized America for it and sent their stooge Digvijay Singh to express their sentiments.
2) India Muslims are so patriot that anybody who allows illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in India they will give their votes to them and anybody who is against Bangladeshi illegal immigrants will lose their votes.
3) Anybody who supports Laden and criticize Hindus is their messiah like Digvijay Singh.
4) Many Indian Muslims in Mumbai are diehards supporters of Dawood and Indian Mujaheddin. Muslim ghettos or “Mini pakistan” in Mumbai provide support to them.
5) Indian Muslims are so patriot that ATS of many states say that they are not getting any support from Indian Muslim community and on contrary are facing harassment from them by using Human rights violation case against them.
6) Indian Muslims call pakistani’s as Hum watan brothers and has sympathies for pakistan.
7) When Pakistani terrorist’s attacked Mumbai in 26/11 many Indian Muslims leaders came with theories that it is RSS, CIA, MOSSAD black operations so that their dear pakistan does not get entangled in International Row.
8) Many Indian Muslim leaders tried to force Indian Government not to sign Nuclear Treaty with America because their beloved Islamic Nation Pakistan will get weakened compared to India.
9) A Muslim Journalist himself has revealed in his book BLACK FRIDAY that it was Indian Muslim Woman of Mumbai who provoked DAWOOD to kill innocent Hindus.
10) Many Muslims Imams of UP and Bihar openly say that they are ISI agents.
Not every Indian Muslim is traitor but to take Indian Muslims Patriotism as granted is also foolishness.

THE DECISION IS YOURS. Will you let the history to repeat itself as muslims will cut your head again like that terrorist Boktiar Khilji? Will your temple be looted by Ghajni Mahmud?
Stop Muslim Appesement Politics.


  1. Every Muslim is a Terrorist and Every Muslim should be thrown out of India...Its what you People think...Just after Minutes all the News Channels Started Crying Names of People and Organisations involved...If all these Chootiyas knew the names of the Bloody Blasters then why did the Blasts happened?...My Dear People its these type of things which you people are doing that Help the Villians of this Great Nation Produce Terrorists...Stop All this NoNsense and Please take this in Mind that nobody can remove out the 35% Muslims from this country and whoevers trying this is just Ruining the harmony of this Nation...Terrorists are Terrorists May it be the ULFA or the Naxals or the NDFB or the RSS who killed Gandhiji and now Blasted the Ajmer Dargah, Mecca Masjid and many more or the LTTE or the Lashkar or the Jaish or any other Outfit and its People May it be Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Hindus and they should never be Spared for killing innocent prople but please stop Branding all Muslims as Terrorists.

  2. Sohail Choudhary

    //.If all these Chootiyas knew the names of the Bloody Blasters then why did the Blasts happened?//

    Because Hindus are being Castrated by their sickular leader.

    Every Muslim is a terrorist was quoted by the Great Terrorist Zakir Naik who believes in Ghaza-e-Hind and Non Muslims should not get equal rights in muslim countries.

    read this

    Terrorists are Terrorists May it be the ULFA or the Naxals or the NDFB or the RSS who killed Gandhiji and now Blasted the Ajmer Dargah, Mecca Masjid and many more or the LTTE or the Lashkar or the Jaish or any other Outfit


    1. Great! When it comes to any other religion, Jihadis judge the Car by its driver! Why not give proofs from Vedas that sanction terrorism like we provided from Quran and Hadith here and ? Since no one has been able to give the references of terrorism from Vedas but we gave from Quran, Car “V” is better than Car “I”.

    2. Has any Jihadi seen a Tamil tiger or a Naxalite or a Maoist or an ULFA terrorist blowing the mosques or temples or beheading others reciting Mantras of Vedas? No. But we see topmost terrorists of the world like Osama, Qasab, Mullah Umar, Maulana Masood Azhar etc reciting Quran and threatening non Muslims of Jihad- holy war sanctioned in Quran! There are many videos available on net which show the Jihadis first reciting verses of Quran and then beheading the hostage Kafirs. This is the difference between a Hindu terrorist and Muslim terrorist that Hindu finds no justification for such cowardly act of killing innocents in his book but Muslim does. And that is why the term Islamic Terrorism is reality but Hindu Terrorism is a hoax.

    3. The total killings carried out by so called Hindu Terrorists put together till date are outnumbered by one Jihadi attack on Mumbai. Thus Muslim terrorism is more dangerous than Hindu terrorism.

    4. We claim that all Nexalites, Maoists, Tamil tigers, and all Hindus who killed innocents anywhere in the world deserve severe punishments. They will not get bliss of Eeshvar and if any hell exists, they will go to hell. Now let Jihadis and Zakir Naik claim that Qasab, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Muhammad, Al Qaida terrorists will all go to hell! Can Zakir Naik say that or he will keep parroting he does not know Qasab and Osama?

    Who said 35% Muslims in India? Muslims of Bangladesh and Pakistan wipped up our Hindu Brothers.

  3. Great post! I’ve been trying all the above advice and, little by little, it seems to work!
    Thanks again for posting!