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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Happened to Bangladeshi Hindus after Babri Mosque Demolition?

It is astonishing that in our country, the Congress and other secular parties, including communists, are in the forefront, in observing Babri Divas – a ploy to please the muslims – sheer vote bank politics. What happened to hindus and hindu-temples in Bangladesh when Babri masjid was demolished in India. The following is the brief report:
“almost every public temple in entire Bangladesh and many thousands of private shrines inside the Hindu houses were damaaged and many completely destroyed. Even the shrine of the holy mother of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His consort in His ancestral home of Dhaka Dakshin near the Sylhet town were destroyed. The library of the Indian information office and the Indian airlines office in Mattijheel in Dhaka were attacked by muslim mobs and set on fire. The aftermath of the violence forced the Bangladeshi Hindu community to curtail the 1993 celebrations of Durga Puja. They called for the destroyed temples to be repaired and investigations be held regarding the atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh
About 25000 houses, 3600 places of worship and 2500 commercial establihments were destroyed in Bangladesh due to severe mob attack in different districts of Bangladesh on December 6, 1992 and onwards. During this holocaust many people were killed, 1925 injured and 2600 women were raped and abducted. MANY OF THE ABDUCTED YOUNG GIRLS ARE BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN SHIPPED AND SOLD IN MUSLIMS COUNTRIES IN MIDDLE EAST FOR PROSTITUTION AND SLAVERY. Property worth nearly 200 crore takkas was either destroyed or looted.
Bhola district had majority of hinduj population. Till 1992, practically no hindu family had migrataed to India. The hindus mastered the art of growing good crops on marshy lands. Nearly 50000 hindu families were victims of genocide in this district. The muslim mobs, mostly composed of Jammat e Islam goondas and members of the Awami League Party violently looted, damaged and set fire to the houses and commercial centres and temples in the entire district towns and villages. Practically, everything was either looted or destroyed. The condition of women and children was pitiable as there was no food, no shelter and no clothes.Three hundred young girls, mostly minors, were raped, even gang-raped, in front of their parents and families. In one village alone, more than 200 women were abducted and have never been heard of again.
All political parties in India and the pseudo-secular media, have been apologising to the muslims for the destruction of Babri Masjid. Their stupid secular action, provided justification and fuel for the muslims for rioting and resulting in the genocide of hindus in Bangladesh.
See, for the demolition of a dilapitated structure in India, how the hindus in Bangladesh had suffered. Jyoti Basu, Somenath Chattrjee, Buddhadheb Bhattacharjee, Siddarth Sankarray, all kept quiet – mind you, they are all refugees from East Pakistan. An India-Bangladesh cricket match was disrupted when a crowd of an estimated 5,000 men tried to storm into the Bangabandhu National Stadium in the national capital of Dhaka.
Taslima Nasrin in her boojk LOJJA had remarked that HINDUS SEEM TO HAVE THE HIDE OF A RHINOCEROS – meaning Hindus are so thick-skinned that they could not help their own brethren. The publication of the novel led to calls from Muslims to ban the book and led to death threats against Nasrin by Islamic organisations. What a shame for Hindus!


  1. Muslim god's god is hindu god... christian god's god is hindu god...why they destroy their god's god...jesus is said to be son of god...who is those god that jesus refer? that is hindu god. Before jesus and mahomad ali born, who was god , only hindu jesus and mahomad ali worship hindu god as there was no other god than hindu god...Actually, all people god is hindu god but people forgot ancident god only care about the god which was presented later...Goal and destination of all religion are same but only path is different. so i respect for all religion.....

  2. Yes u r right.

  3. Hindus must be united to fight such situation. The greatest religious philosophy lies in the sacred books of Hindus. It is a complete and scientific religion with inner strength.The attack on Hindus is an attack on humanity. The narrow minded, blood greedy and nastiest so called religions are trying to attack the Hindus but surely they will fail in near future for the truth wins always.A large amount of hatred should fall upon that incomplete ,obscene and barbarous so called religion which is a stigma in the name of religion.

  4. My Friend I don't know if Truth will win when Hindu Politicians suck the cock of the Muslims in India and Nepal for the sake of Votes. Sometimes I wish I could bomb these Countries. What you don't know is that we are Afghan Hindus and the same thing happened in Afghanistan as well and each of these Bastards whelp with atleast 15 bastards of their own. That alone makes them a Formidable Future Enemy and present one