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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pandit Lekhram:A Brave Martyr of Dharma


Arya Pathik




Pt. Lekh Ram was born on 8th .of Chaitra 1915 in the village Saiyad Pur in the Jhelum district of Punjab. His parents were Sri. Tara Singh and Smt. Bhag Bhari. 

He was a police officer in Punjab and resigned from the government service voluntarily and devoted for propagation of Vedas even not caring for his family and only son too. He was influenced by the writings of Munshi Kanhaiya Lal Alakhdhari and came to know about Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati and Arya Samaj. He founded Arya Samaj at Peshawar (now in Pakisthan) and became a preacher of Punjab Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. He also vowed to write the authentilc life history of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati. For this purpose, he travelled far and wide and collected a detailed account of the life of the founder of Arya Samaj. Pt. Lekh Ram wrote thirty three books. All his writings are in Urdu, but they have been translated in Hindi and some books have been translated into Sindhi and English also.

He established the view points on Arya Samaj and vedic religion so forcefully that nobody dared to come forward to oppose. Many inspiring facts from his life are written in golden lines of Arya Samaj history. A small incident from his life is being quoted here. He was an ardent propagator for Vedic dharma and shuddi (re-conversion to Vedic religion) movement. One day he returned to home after day’s long propagatory work and was so tired. His wife told that their only son is very sick and if unable to take him to a doctor immediately, his life will be in danger. He understood the gravity of sickness of his son and promised to take him hospital after taking one Rotti as he was so hungry. When he was about to eat the Rotti, a post man carrying a telegram reached to him stating that few Hindus are about to change their religion to Islam in`Payal’ village in Patiala district of Punjab. Without thinking for a moment he left the meals and moved to the said village in a train. When he saw that there is no stoppage for train at the`Payal’ village, he jumped out of the running train and some how reached the venue of conversion with severe body injuries. He shouted `I am Pt. Lekharam from Arya Samaj is coming for Shasthrarth (religious debate) with you. If you defeat me in arguments, I myself along with these poor Hindus will embrace Islam. Otherwise you all should accept Vedic dharama. In the end of the shasthrarth all embraced Vedic Religion. This time one another telegram reached to him. The matter of it was his only son died of sickness! That was the dedication of Pt. Lekharam! 

This great son of mother India was died from the stab wounds of a fanatic inflicted upon him on 6th March 1897. Let us take inspiration from this immortal martyr on the occasion of his death anniversary (6th March) for fulfilling the vision of `Krinvantho viswamaryam' 



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  3. Pt. Lekh Ram was born on 8th .of Chaitra 1915 and died 16 march 1897

    pleae correct it

  4. Pandit Lekh Ram, a leader of the Arya Samaj, was a contemporary of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Because of his derogatory characterizations of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his anti-Islamic attitude he was in constant conflict with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Upon his growing anti-Islamic behaviour and his demand for a sign, Ghulam Ahmad is said to have prayed and thus made aware of the imminent death of Lekh Ram who expressed his fearlessness upon such prophecies and insisted on a time limit. Ghulam Ahmad withheld the publication of any prophecy for a while in which he is said to have waited for further knowledge. Eventually he announced that Lekh Ram will meet a bitter end within six years from February 20, 1893..
    In an announcement dated February 22, 1893 he stated:
    “ Like the calf of Samiri, lekh Ram shall be cut into pieces. ”
    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to have received multiple revelations regarding Lekh Ram's death and his likeness unto the golden calf of Samri was a recurring theme in these prophecies. About one of his visions he wrote:
    “ On April 2, 1893, I beheld in a vision that a stout and sturdy man, frightful to look at, with blood trickling from his face, stood in front of me. He seemed not a creature of this earth but one of the infernal beings whose appearance struck terror into the hearts. Where is Lekh Ram? He growled in a roaring voice and named one more man. I knew that he had been deputed for the chastisement of Lekh Ram and the other person. ”
    He also foretold that his death will take place on a day close to the festival of Eid:
    “ And God gave me the tidings that I will witness a day of Eid, and this day will be close to the Eid. ”
    Followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad believe that this prophecy was fulfilled on Saturday March 6, 1897 which happened to be a day after the festival of Eid, when Pandit Lekh Ram was brutally stabbed with a dagger by a stranger who it is said turned the knife round and round in his stomach thus cutting his entrails thoroughly. Lekh Ram died the next day. It is said that although his family was at home, and there were some men downstairs, near the gate at the time of the murder, no one saw any person entering or leaving the house.
    His body was subsequently cremated in accordance with Hindu custom and the remains dispersed of in a river. There was a police investigation but it failed to apprehend the murderer.

  5. This is how this madness survives till date. Whoever criticises prophet mohamed is brutally murdered. If someone claims to be God's chosen messenger, commands everyone to obey him, kills those who question or oppose him, then definitely the cult would spread like a disease. People stricken with fear would submit to such a mad fellow. It is clear from the life of Pandit Lekh Ram that he was murdered by a assasin sent by Ghulam Ahamed. This has happened on the same lines as the murders during the time of prophet (sic) mohamed. He also got all his adversaries murdered secretly.